Victorious Viking

Victorious Viking

There are many qualities and attributes that the Viking blend possesses, and in this blog, I will be exploring what Viking goes well with as well as looking closer into the origins its sourced from.

Viking is a great addition to our dynasty series as it intricately balances flavours that cannot be found in any of the other blends. It comprises of a medium to full body, meaning that the viscosity is smooth, and the texture is velvety and rich, similar to Saxon, but not as thick.

It has a distinctive aroma that lingers on the tastebuds but doesn’t leave a bitter taste that many coffees tend to leave.

Viking has a high sweetness level, making this premium coffee the best-seller within our tetralogy. With a similar taste to maple syrup, this coffee is increasingly popular as it provides not only an indulgent brew but a deliciously sweet treat, that is being consumed as an after-dinner treat. With notes of toffee and milk chocolate, this beverage intriguingly counteracts the strong aroma that is prevalent in the full body.

This dynasty encompasses a low acidity, which enhances the sweet characteristics that are prominent in these coffee beans. Due to the low acidity, Viking does not have the sour or bitter taste that can be found in high acidity coffees, rather, it beautifully compliments the strong initial aroma and completes the taste experience by balancing the sweetness with the natural bitterness of the coffee beans.

The tasting notes in Viking are pecan, toffee, and milk chocolate. The saltiness and nuttiness from the pecans, create a fantastic fusion that is irresistible.

The milk chocolate adds a creamy, nutty and sweet balance to this coffee and is perfect for someone who has a sweet tooth.

The pecan adds a unique and toasty kick to the beverage, enhancing the complexity of the full body and overall flavour profile.

Toffee offers a caramelised characteristic to the fusion, which complements the saltiness of the pecans and eliminates the bitter taste that may form from the full body.

Viking is sourced from Brazil and Guatemala, each giving this coffee an indulgent and delicious flavour profile. Brazil is renowned for its sweet taste, but our farmers also source premium beans that provide a nutty flavour as well.

This is where the pecan and toffee taste are derived from within Viking. Our coffee in Guatemala is grown around 2000 metres above sea level, which is the perfect condition to grow great quality arabica premium coffee beans.

Our coffee beans are from a specific part in Guatemala that have its own flavour characteristics: Chocolate. This is where the milk chocolate tasting note is provided from.

Viking is fun to experiment with different foods as the complexity of sweetness contrasting with characteristics of nuttiness, works well with many dishes and snacks.

Some that we recommend with Viking are creamy dishes, such as cheesecake or tiramisu, as this can provide a delightful contrast of textures.

Dark breads such as rye and wholegrain bread can be a delightful accompaniment to Viking.

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