About Us

The Beginning

In early 2023, my partner Molly Swain and I, Patryk Kotwicki, co- founded Dynasty Of Coffee.
Our journey began with our strong passion for making delicious coffee and today stand proud as a premium online business.
It took us months to find the right roastery who consistently provided premium quality, regardless of weather, conditions and transport.

Excellence in Coffee

Supported by a fantastic team of experts we are dedicated to ensure our coffee is unparalleled in quality.
Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our meticulous selection process called 'blind cupping'.

A Blind Tasting Journey with Patryk and Experts

Patryk, along with our team of coffee connoisseurs, embarked on a captivating journey to explore the vast world of coffee.
Sampling over 45 unique varieties, our experts, equipped with years of experience in various aspects of the coffee industry, engaged in a blind tasting extravaganza.
Without prior knowledge of the coffee's strength, origin, or aroma, the team meticulously assessed each brew, focusing on qualities like balance, acidity, body, and a spectrum of flavour notes.

At the heart of our coffee journey lies our enduring partnership with our esteemed roastery, nestled in the landscapes of Yorkshire.

This roastery isn't just a place where coffee is processed; it's a hub of rich history and deep expertise.

Boasting an impressive 50 years of roasting expertise, backed by over a century of heritage in the art of coffee roasting, our collaborators are masters of their craft.

What sets our roastery apart is its commitment to consistency and excellence. Whether it's a, light-mid roast that highlights a coffee's acidity and fruitiness, or a dark, rich roast that brings out deep, chocolatey notes, the quality is unwavering.

Each order, regardless of size or complexity, receives the same level of care and dedication.