Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.
Our famers go above and beyond to ensure that our practices have as little impact on the planet as possible, from our cultivation techniques, to our conscious effort to reduce carbon footprint, we take care of our planet.


Our coffee beans are carefully selected, hand-picked, and washed to ensure the preservation of the surrounding eco-systems and environments.
Taking this measure ensures that we are looking after the earth we are taking from.

Carbon Footprint

We also ensure sustainable practices by reducing our carbon footprint, using direct trade.
As our coffee beans only make 4 short trips to get to your door, we are eliminating factors such as cooperatives, traders, and distributions.
Our efficient delivery ensures that we minimise fuel consumption and the coffee you receive is as fresh as possible.

Ethically Sourced

Ethical sourcing is ingrained into our core values.
Each of our small farmers is dedicated in creating magic and determined to make each bean perfect and delightful.
From the way it is grown and cultivated, to the way it is washed and packed, so it is our duty to ensure that they are recognised for their hard work.
We pay above fairtrade prices, prioritising the wellbeing of our committed farmers and actively supporting the local communities, integral to our coffee sourcing process.