Blind Cupping Method

Blind Cupping Method

In this blog, I will be exploring why we, at Dynasty of Coffee, used blind cupping and the benefits of the sensory process.

Many coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts have used the art of blind cupping to deepen their knowledge about their beloved beverage. It is a sensory technique that is used, whereby coffee is more than just tasted, it truly allows you to understand the intricate flavours, aromas, and intriguing characteristics of each different coffee.

In this blog, I will be exploring why we at Dynasty of Coffee use blind cupping, and the benefits of the sensory process.

So, what is blind cupping then? Blind cupping is a tasting process, that allows individuals to evaluate and compare different coffee beans, without the influence and knowledge of price, origin, or region. This ensures that we choose the best quality coffee for our customers, regardless of how much we pay.

To ensure the process is fair, the coffee beans are grinded to the same size, as the grind can affect the flavour and overall taste of the coffee beans. We use small tasting cups, so that we can easily get a mouth full of each brew, to truly enhance our taste buds. Each coffee will be rated out of five for its flavour profile, body, acidity, sweetness, and aftertaste.

The experience of the coffee is just as important as the tasting. The aroma of the coffee is the immediate scent you are greeted with, inhale this deeply to identify the fragrance that arise. When taking a sip, there are lots of tastes to keep in mind, including:

  • Acidity: Take note of the acidity. This is the tanginess that is prevalent within the brew. It adds to the overall balance of the coffee.
  • Body: The body refers to the texture and overall feel of the coffee in the mouth. Is it light and tea-like in the mouth, or does it have a thicker and syrup-like texture?
  • Sweetness: This one speaks for itself really. Does the coffee have a slight sweetness to it? Or is it overly sweet?
  • Aftertaste: The aftertaste is just as important, as it is the lingering taste after finishing the cup. Does it have a clean finish? Or is there a complex flavour left on the palate?

In conclusion, blind cupping, transforms the act of just simply tasting a cup of coffee. It challenges your perception of taste, educates your palate, and deepens your understanding of the complexities of each coffee bean.

So just remember, when you buy a blend from Dynasty of Coffee, the immense dedication and consideration that has been put into every bean to compose your delicious brew.

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