Sensational Saxon

Sensational Saxon

There are many qualities and great attributes that the Saxon blend possesses, and in this blog, I will be exploring what Saxon goes well with as well as looking closer into the origins its sourced from.

As many already know, Saxon is our strongest blend within the tetralogy, it comprises of a full body, meaning that it has a thicker and richer feel in the mouth compared to any other blends.

This creates an indulgent texture, which enhances the overall experience that is captured when taking a sip of this brew. Due to this bold and robust texture and taste, a strong essence lingers on the palate. Despite this, it efficaciously removes any bitter aftertaste, resulting in a delightful aroma that remains on the palate.

Saxon embraces a medium sweetness, which effectively reduces the sharpness of the full body, to give an enjoyable experience. The sweetness is a fundamental attribute to any coffee, however, in Saxon it works intriguingly well to counterbalance the strength and harshness of the aroma.

As Saxon encompasses tasting notes of caramel, the sweetness enhances the complexity of its flavour, creating a harmonious tasting experience.

This dynasty also encompasses a low acidity level, and this refers to the sensory characteristic of the coffee bean. Although many may interpret coffee acidity to be something that negatively effects the overall taste, it is actually a positive attribute that contributes to the overall flavour profile.

Saxon doesn’t have a sharp or tangy taste, this is prevalent in coffees with a higher acidity level, rather the low acidity compliments the other flavour elements such as the sweetness and body of this coffee.

Overall, the level of flavour and element complexity and composition in this coffee elegantly harmonise together, giving a rich and slightly sweet beverage that is enhanced by the intricate levels of acidity that enrich the flavour profile.

The tasting notes of caramel and dark chocolate beautifully blend together, creating a sweet and sharp combination that balances perfectly on the palate. As this coffee is a dark roast, the taste of caramel develops overtime, adding a rich sweetness to the coffee. The dark chocolate tasting notes indicate a deep and bittersweet chocolate flavour in the coffee that are enhanced by slightly bitter characteristics.

When describing the tasting notes, it is not actually caramel or dark chocolate that is being added to the coffee, but rather the naturally occurring flavours and aromas that arise from the coffee beans during the roasting process.

Saxon is sourced from Brazil, El Salvador, and India, each giving this coffee a distinctive and delicious flavour.

Our Brazilian coffee has a balanced profile, that has low acidity and sweet and nutty flavours. Notes of dark chocolate and caramel are frequently found in Brazil and particularly from our coffee farmers, who focus on premium coffee and therefore, can make sure our coffee beans have that rich and sweet flavour that our customers love. Brazil is accountable for our low acidity profile as well as introducing aromas of dark chocolate.

El Salvador offers great conditions for arabica beans to be grown and cultivated in. Our coffee farmers in El Salvador focus to ensure the premium coffee beans offer a sweet and round body, which gives Saxon that caramel taste.

India is responsible for our full body, as our Indian coffee farmers use a process called ‘monsoon’ where the premium coffee beans had been exposed to tropical air, resulting in a full body flavour.

This coffee is fun to experiment with different foods as the rich and complex flavours contrast delicately with many dishes and snacks. Some that we recommend with Saxon are pastries, in particular, chocolate pastries, i.e., chocolate croissants, chocolate cookies or brownies, as the coffees intensity can balance with the sweetness of the pastries.

If you prefer something more savoury, you can opt for grilled meats or roasted vegetables as it can provide a robust contrast to the natural sweetness in the meat and veg.

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