Us and Work For Good

Us and Work For Good

We have teamed up with the mental health charity ‘Mind’ to ensure that more people across the UK get the help and understanding they need. Therefore, £1 of every sale will be donated to Mind via Work for Good.
Mind is a charity that gives advice, support, and reassurance to empower anyone who is experiencing mental health problems.

It gives individuals the confidence and power to take back control, understand and implement ways “to make informed choices about how they live and recover”.

Mind can help with a variety of requests, and with their easy to locate website, help is just at your fingertips.

Our goal is to raise £100 by January 2024, and with your help, we are hoping to exceed this contribution.

You can donate to Mind here

Don't forget to include DynastyOfCoffee when you'll be donating through this link, it helps us to track exactly how many people and how much in total was donated through our page. It means a lot to us because every 4 months we will be creating the "total" post about our achievement, our as well as yours!

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