Historical Hanoverian

Historical Hanoverian

There are many qualities and attributes that the Hanoverian single origin brew possesses, and in this blog, I will be exploring what Hanoverian goes well with, as well as looking closer into the origins it’s sourced from.

Hanoverian is our only decaf in the series, and encompasses a medium body, meaning it has a smooth and luxurious viscosity, without experiencing the thickness of a full body.

With Hanoverian being decaf, it offers an extremely light texture, with a medium strength tasting coffee. One of the key characteristics of this coffee, is that it tastes just like a normal coffee, without any aftertaste or coffee breath!

Hanoverian has a medium sweetness which perfectly balances with the lightness of the body, giving a blissful experience with every sip. This decaf is perfect for an afternoon treat, that doesn’t keep you awake all night. The sweetness of this coffee beautifully coincides with the distinctive coffee taste that is prevalent in our decaf.

This dynasty has a low acidity, which enhances the sweet characteristics that are prominent in our coffee beans. The low acidity also means that this delicious decaf embraces a mellow and delicate element that cannot be found in any of our other coffees. The low acidity complements the medium body and exposes the distinctive coffee taste.

The tasting notes in Hanoverian are milk chocolate and nut, flavours that are very prominent in Mexio coffee beans. Whilst drinking Hanoverian, you may be able to detect some nutty undertones, similar to hazelnut, which provides an earthy contrast to the sweet chocolate flavour. The milk chocolate or subtle cocoa adds a gentle sweetness and depth to flavour, which truly brings this sweet, nutty beverage to life.

Hanoverian is our only single-origin and is sourced from Mexico. The method we use to decaffeinate our beans is a wet process, which includes using pure water and activated charcoal to extract caffeine from the beans.

This method is gentle and natural, ensuring the beans are left with their original flavours intact. This ensures we can offer our customers the best tasting decaf, only using the most natural and effective ways to remove caffeine.

Hanoverian is fun to experiment with different foods as the natural flavours contrast exquisitely with the softness of the body and work well with many dishes and snacks.

Some that we recommend with Hanoverian are fruit pastries, as the tartness of the fruit pairs beautifully with the subtle flavours of our decaf coffee.

A cheese platter pairs well with our decaf coffee, as it enhances the sweet, mellow flavours from the cheese.

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