Tempting Tudor

Tempting Tudor

There are many qualities and attribute that the Tudor blend possesses, and in this blog, I will be exploring what Tudor goes well with as well as looking closer into the origins its sourced from.

Tudor is a fantastic edition to Dynasty of Coffee and is the perfect brew for those who prefer a light roasted coffee. Tudor encompasses a medium body, meaning that it is not thick in the mouth, giving it a delicate and exquisite consistency, complementing the light brew.

Tudor is a smooth and mellow coffee, allowing each sip, an intricate and elegant experience that awakens the taste buds. The medium body also allows the delicious flavours that are laced in this brew to be elegantly exposed with each mouthful.

Tudor has a medium to high sweetness, embodying a pleasing level of sugariness in its flavour profile. The sweetness of this coffee is a prominent aspect of this coffees taste, that contributes to a well-rounded and enjoyable drink. An exquisite characteristic of Tudor is that although it has a high sweetness level, it is not overly sugary, which complements the other complex flavours prevalent in this brew.

This dynasty has a medium acidity level, which beautifully gives the cup a distinguished and aromatic taste. The acidity in this coffee comes from the natural acids found in berries (a flavour note), which carefully balances with the softness of the medium body and the palatableness from the high sweetness level.

The tasting notes of berry, vanilla, and milk chocolate, make this coffee a vibrant and fruity cup, something a little different from our other blends. Tudor is our only coffee to have a flavour note of berry, meaning that this cup stands out to anyone who prefers a more vibrant and zestier brew.

The flavour of vanilla gives a sweet and creamy element that brings this fruity coffee together. The berry note gives a zesty and acidic component to this beverage, which perfectly coincides with the creaminess of the vanilla. The milk chocolate also adds an element of creaminess, but also gives a rich and bold flavour to the coffee, which is noticeable upon opening the bag.

This flavour combination is the perfect recipe for a delightfully light cup of coffee.
Tudor is sourced from Brazil, Costa Rica, and Indonesia, each offering a distinctive and delicious flavour characteristic.

Our Brazilian beans offer a sweet and mild taste to our blend, which allows this coffee to have that stability.

Our beans from Costa Rica give our blend that berry burst, which is prominent throughout each sip.

Our Indonesian beans offer a rich taste, which is where the milk chocolate flavour derives from.

Tudor is fun to experiment with different foods as the intricate balance of sweetness and acidity contrast delicately with many dishes and snacks.

Desserts such as tiramisu and cheesecake go great with Tudor as the sweetness in this brew, brings out the flavours of the cakes without overwhelming them. If you prefer spicy dishes, this coffee pairs brilliantly, as it provides a refreshing contrast to the spiciness.

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