Crew CM70

The CREW CM70 was designed with the perfect cup of coffee in mind. Developed with the help of professional Baristas, the CM70 is capable of delivering barista-made coffee at the touch of a button. A high-capacity full metallic brewer and innovative milk foaming system outperform most other coffee machines in its class.
30+ Customisable drinks
Ideal for hotels

With a daily output of up to 150 cups, the Crew CM70 is a mid-capacity bean to cup machine and can produce a wide range of coffee-based drinks. The addition of optional coffee and chocolate hoppers further increases the bean to cup machines versatility. A simple to use interface with high tech components, the Crew CM70 saves as much as 22% of coffee per cup by utilising Crews Patent Pending brewing technology.

Crew CM70 - DynastyOfCoffee

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Precision Engineered. Coffee Focused

Utilising a Patent Pending micro fine laser etched filter plate, the Crew CM70 is able to increase brewing efficiency by achieving a better extraction. This reduces the amount of coffee required to brew the perfect coffee.

One Machine. Multiple Drinks Options

The Crew CM70 comes equipped with 4 hoppers as standard. This allows for a decaf/second blend of coffee to compliment up to 2 different types of chocolate powders.

10.1" Reactive Touch Screen

A high resolution 10.1″ full colour reactive screen dispenses a fully customisable drinks menu at a touch of the screen.

Customisable Advertising Display

During drink dispense or standby mode the Crew CM70 can be set to display company logo’s, advertising and more.  

Crew CM70 - DynastyOfCoffee

Pick a Colour, Any Colour

Pick a Colour, Any Colour

Machine Colours to Suit Your Brand or Environment

Show your company brand or colours with customisable machine colours and matching full spectrum LED lighting.

Any Location

Internal water tank options on the CM50 and CM70 make Crew machines the only high-capacity boiler coffee machines that canbe located inareas where there is no direct water feed present.

Crew CM70 - DynastyOfCoffee

Eco Boost Machine Mode

The Crews CM70 features 2 smart energy saving modes which use up to 20% less energy when compared to similar machines in its class. 

Real-Time Barista

Along with various drinks presets, the Crew CM70 allows for real-time adjustment whilst dispensing. This ensures you get precisely the drink you want, every time. 

Looking to the Future with the Latest Technology

The Crew CM70 can be programmed to accept card payments via the Nayax payment platform. This transforms the Crew machine range into premium vending machine capable of increasing revenues whilst decreasing costs.

Automatic Cleaning Functionality

At the push of a button the Crew CM70 will enter a fully automated cleaning cycle, essential to keeping your coffee machine clean and issue free. For quicker cleaning cycles It also features dedicated milk and coffee brewer cleaning options.

Variety of Milk Fridge Options

All of the Crew coffee machines can be supplied with a range of fridge options to suit size of the site or required capacity of milk(s).

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CM70 Capacity

Advised Daily Output

150 Cups

Hourly Single Espresso Output


Hourly Double Espresso Output


Hourly Single Americano Output


Hourly Double Americano Output


Hourly Single Cappuccino Output


Hourly Double Cappuccino Output


Hourly Hot Water Output


Water Tank Capacity


Bean Hopper Capacity

2 x 1.2kg (approx)

Powder Hopper Capacity

2 x 1kg (approx)

Grounds Container Capacity

70 drinks

CM70 Technical Sheet

Coffee Machine Power Requirements

220-240V 50/60Hz3.2-3.6KW

Fridge and cup warmer rack power supply and rated power

220-240V 50/60Hz0.1-0.15KW

Plumbing Type

G3/4’ 150 cmflexible metal tube

Water Pressure Range

80-800KPa (0.8-8Bar)

Coffee Machine Dimensions WxDxH

34 x 50 x 80 cm

Fridge and cup warmer rack Dimension (WxDxH)

31 x 43 x 64 cm

Weight (coffee machine / fridge & cup warmer rack)

35 kg / 30 kg