Mugs of Mindfulness: Coffee Chats that Nourish the Mind and our chosen charity

Mugs of Mindfulness: Coffee Chats that Nourish the Mind and our chosen charity

In a world that often feels fast paced and driven by technology, taking a break, and sharing a mug of coffee with a friend, can be a transformative experience for our mental wellbeing. Having a good cup of coffee can make this experience better, however, beyond the warmth and aroma that coffee brings, the act of connecting with a friend of family member can have profound positive effects on our mental health. In this blog I will be talking and exploring the effects of how having a coffee can help reduce mental health problems as well as enhancing wellbeing.

We cannot deny that technology and digital enhancements have made it easier to connect with others, however, it’s not a secret that it has led people to feel isolated and lonely. With services such as delivery platforms and drive through’s, it’s easy to get what we want, fast and without the stress of interaction. But could this lack of interaction prolong and increase stress levels?

Meeting a friend for coffee and having that human interaction with a friendly face allows us to experience facial expressions, gestures, and the warmth of shared laughter. Many say that these friendly interactions, can help alleviate feelings of loneliness and strengthen bonds that may have been lost through the virtual world.

However, it’s not just the company of who you’re with that can make a difference, but also the change in environment. Whether it’s sitting in a cozy corner of a local café or at a friend’s house, the change of atmosphere and quality time with friends and family can help reduce stress, anxiety and promotes relaxation, making it easier for us to express our emotions and unwind.

Sharing our concerns and worries with a friend over a cup of coffee creates a safe and non-judgmental space, where we can express our feelings and release the tension that has been building up overtime.

Having a chat with someone you trust can also help you gain perspective on your situation and find ways to combat the challenges we face. It’s also good to have someone who can provide validation, comfort and a sense of relief, which everybody could benefit from time to time.

When you hear people say the phrase ‘laughter is the best medicine’, they’re not wrong. When meeting up with a good friend or reconnecting with a family member, laughter normally takes centre stage.

Whether its sharing stories, inside jokes or light-hearted banter, the laughter we share triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. This laughter and joy can act as a temporary escape from daily stressors, which can contribute to a more positive outlook.

Being mindful and aware of the present moment, can contribute to the sense of calmness and tranquillity. We savour the taste of good coffee, the warmth of the cup in our hand, the security of a comfortable environment and the company of a friend. All of which can help shift our focus away from intrusive thoughts and help to maintain a positive outlook.

At Dynasty of Coffee, we truly believe that good coffee should relight the love between friends and family, ensuring each cup is a memorable experience. Our goal is to encourage people to take a break from social media and truly embrace the meaning of ‘taking a break’.

Mental health is incredibly common and has become increasingly spoken about. It has been addressed on multiple platforms, including movies, tv-shows, books and social media, which has reduced the stigma surrounding mental health, encouraging individuals to be more open about their experiences. Over time this has encouraged more people to share their stories and seek support.

The reason we created Dynasty of Coffee is because of the heartfelt story behind it. The owner and founder of Dynasty of Coffee, Patryk Kotwicki, discovered his love for coffee, whilst getting help with his mental health during therapy. During this difficult period, there was one thing that brightened his experience: Coffee breaks. This is where he could let his guard down and truly express his feelings without any judgment or criticism. A safe place where he could share his experiences with others and learn more about what he was feeling.

This is the exact experience we want others to feel and help them feel at ease with one of our warming cups of aromatic coffee. There are so many different stories that are waiting to be heard, and that is why our team at Dynasty of Coffee encourage individuals to use our online platform to share their coffee experiences, whether it be with friends, family or by yourself and to destigmatize discussions about mental health.

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