Royal Roman

Royal Roman
There are many qualities and attributes the Roman blend possesses, and in this blog, we will be exploring what Roman goes well with, as well as looking closer into the origins it is sourced from.
Roman is an Italian Roast and takes top rank over Saxon in the strongest blends. Roman comprises of a full body, showcasing unparalleled strength and robustness, whilst intricately lacing notes of creaminess throughout.
The thick and silky-smooth texture provides satisfaction at its finest, embodying the definition of indulgence and bliss. Although it may be the strongest and boldest brew in our collection, it does not leave a sour or bitter after-taste, which can be found in many strong brews, particularly in Italian Roasts.
Roman embraces a low sweetness, enhancing the rich coffee taste that this brew encases. The low sweetness balances perfectly with the full, creamy body, offering a more indulgent and bolder sip.
This Dynasty encompasses a low acidity level, (this refers to the sensory characteristic of the coffee bean). The low acidity and low sweetness are delicately laced throughout this very strong brew, delivering accents of tang to the pallet. This tang adds to the complexity and composition in this dark roast, allowing its consumers to discover more unique characteristic as the brew unfolds with each sip.
The tasting notes are a subtle smoky taste, accompanied with a rich and indulgent dark chocolate note. The two flavour notes pair beautifully, enhancing the strong and robust taste of Roman. The dark chocolate notes highlight the bold intensity of this dark roast, meanwhile, the smoky notes offer a rich flavour profile, delivering a more sophisticated sip.
Roman is sourced from Ethiopia and Honduras, with each origin giving a distinctive and delicious flavour.
Ethiopia produces some of the best quality coffee available. Our coffee farmers produce a wide range of exciting flavours, including smoky, bright, citrus and floral aromas. The wide range of flavours can be attributed to the high elevation, with altitudes of 1400-2200 metres.
Honduras is the leading producer of coffee in Central America and creates flavour notes and aromas of dark chocolate, caramel, and in some areas a citrus spark. Honduras coffee beans are grown at a high elevation and at temperatures of 16-20 degrees Celsius.
This coffee is a great addition to many different foods and snacks. Some that we recommend highly as an accompaniment to Roman are sweet deserts. In particular, chocolate cake. The rich sweetness of a delicious chocolaate cake, paired with the bold aromatic flavours of a dark roast harmonise fantastically.
If you prefer a more savoury option, creamy plates such as pasta or grilled cheese, balance perfectly with the creaminess of the full body and the tart of the low acidity.

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