Brewing Rewards at Dynasty of Coffee: Introducing Our New Points System!

Brewing Rewards at Dynasty of Coffee: Introducing Our New Points System!

At Dynasty of Coffee, we believe in expressing our gratitude to our loyal customers by offering more than just exceptional coffee. We're thrilled to announce a new chapter in our journey - the introduction of our exciting Points System! This initiative is designed to reward our cherished patrons for their loyalty, engagement, and for being a vital part of the Dynasty family.

Earning points made easy:

Embark on a journey of savings with our user-friendly Points System. Simply visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter to unlock the secrets of our Rewards Program. There are various ways to accumulate points - refer a friend, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or engage in other activities that will earn you valuable points.

Redeem points, save money:

Here's where the excitement brews! Accumulated points can be redeemed for fantastic discounts on your favourite Dynasty of Coffee products. For every 50 points you collect, treat yourself to a £5 discount code. It's our way of saying thank you for choosing Dynasty for your coffee indulgence.

Sharing is caring:

Spread the love of Dynasty Coffee by referring a friend! When you refer a friend, they receive a generous £5 off their purchase, and you, as the referrer, enjoy a splendid 15% discount as a token of our appreciation for your loyalty and for introducing a fellow coffee enthusiast to our world.

Exclusive Black Friday Offer:

As if the Points System wasn't exciting enough, we're doubling down on the savings with our exclusive Black Friday offer! Starting from the 24th of November, activate code FRIDAY30 at checkout and enjoy a fantastic 30% off your purchase. This limited-time offer runs until the 28th of November, so mark your calendars and make the most of this opportunity to stock up on your favourite blends.

Conclusion: Unlock savings, embrace rewards and love yourself!

Dynasty of Coffee is more than a coffee provider; it's a community. Our Points System is our way of saying thank you for being a part of this community. Join us in celebrating the joy of coffee, loyalty, and savings.

…and before we go… here’s a friendly reminder: We do not only prioritise the richness of our blends but also the richness of life itself.

Especially during this holiday season, when the hustle and bustle can be overwhelming, we want to extend a special message to our community. We understand the significance of mental health, particularly in men, and encourage you to embrace rest. Life is not solely about "doing" but also about "being."

Whether you find solace in spending time with loved ones over a cup of coffee or need a moment to recalibrate and reflect, prioritise your wellbeing and yourself. In the spirit of the season, we send love and warmth to each one of you.

Dynasty of Coffee was founded by Patryk Kotwicki with the intention to rekindle the love between friends and family, and this holiday season, we extend that love to you.

Here's to a season of peace, joy, and the simple pleasures found in a cup of extraordinary coffee

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